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3rd April. Beijing

April 16, 2013

I thought I had done a pretty good job of printing off the hotel vouchers before leaving home. But at Joan’s sisters place in Sydney, the night before we were to leave, realized the most important one wasn’t there. The one for Beijing where we were to arrive at midnight. Not to worry, I found the email and proceeded to print it off. Unfortunately the result was a quarter the size required. and all efforts proved fruitless to increase it. The name and address of the hotel was also in Cantonese, useful as the Beijing taxi drivers are reputed to speak little English. But the Chinese characters were so small I wondered if the driver would be able to discern them in the dark. Then I had the bright idea, get someone who wrote Chinese, to write them in bigger characters in a better light       
Hence my arrival at the Information Kiosk at Changi airport where I amused the staff with my request. No, they couldn’t write Chinese, they looked Chinese to me, but if I came back at 1340 their supervisor would be here, she would help. The boarding had started by the time she arrived, she looked at it then said ‘Aieee! It is small, I hope I get it right’  A few flicks and flourishes and there it was, the address in large characters we hoped.
It did prove useful as the driver, although youngish, had poor eyesight.
We picked The Days Inn to stay in Beijing as it was central, next to the Forbidden City, a short walk to Tiannamenn Square and not far from the main shopping centre. A good choice, nothing flash but a good price. It was after 2am before we got to bed.
6th April.
After a couple of days and not being able to post this it was pointed out that perhaps was blocked  by the authorities. This has proven to be the case. So you will be reading this after we leave the country.

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