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20th April. And so to Samarkand

April 23, 2013

Sweet to ride forth at evening from the wells

When shadows  pass gigantic on the sand,

And softly through the silence beat the bells

Along the Golden Road to Samarkand


We travel not for trafficking alone:

By hotter wind our fiery hearts are fanned:

For lust of knowing what should not  be known

We make the Golden Journey to Samarkand      James Elroy Flecker, Hassan 1913


Samarkand. A name I associate with fabled destinations like Marrakech, Timbuctoo, Zanzibar. Legendary, mystical places. This city has always fascinated me after reading Flecker’s poem many years ago. So here we are heading west, fields rushing by with black fat tailed sheep grazing watched over by a shepherd and poppies in all their spring brilliance accompanying the train on either side.

   Our B&B is a short walk from the Registan, the most famous of the monuments here in Samarkand. We are here for 4 nights, time to wander around the other mausoleums  and mosques as well. 

21st. I was up fairly early and walked to the Registan, it’s a good time for photos, the guide book says. Even at that hour many people were admiring  the buildings. The size of the three buildings in the square took me by surprise, over 35 metres high. They dwarf the people below.

22nd. This city is full of medressas, mosques and mausoleums. Most with that beautiful brilliant blue tiles on the domes. The workmanship on the buildings is of the finest work. It’s humbling too be in their presence. I think the photos I hope I can get on tell a better story than I can.



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  1. Denis permalink

    You’re back on our map. Good health Denis and Sandy

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