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26th April, Buchara

May 8, 2013

26th April. Bukhara.
Gold teeth are a big thing here. Even younger people walk around with gold flashing at you whenever they smile. That is one of the quirks of this interesting country. On our third day here we had seen most of the major sights, Joan had satisfied the urge to shop, so we quietly went through the back streets looking for some of the more obscure mosques and madrasses. The Chor Minor mosque is one we came upon. Small, with four pseudo minarets pointing skywards that look like the upturned legs of a chair. A quirky structure but with some beautiful rose flower beds neaby. A group of workmen were mixing mud and straw near it to use on a nearby building. They asked for their photos to be taken which we did. After viewing the mosque they then demanded further photos with Joan in their midst. I was happy to oblige. Made their day.
On our way back this middle aged slim woman with a mouthful of gold teeth gesticulated to us to visit something nearby. We walked on not sure what she wanted, thinking it was a souvenir shop she was trying to get us into, then relented and walked back. It turned out she was the key keeper of a seldom visited medressa. Small, with no exotic tiling, and with no restoration it was showing signs of age.Yet it was such a peaceful place with the cells and a large mulberry type tree in the middle. Some of the rooms held exhibits with signs in English but it was too dark to read most of them. Then it was up to the 1st floor where the dormitories were. It was nothing extraodinary and few people visit I think but she was so enthusiastiic for us to see it all and so appreciative for us to have changed our minds.
Ate at the Italian restaurant again tonight. God the food is crook here. We’re lying in bed groaniing quietly, waiting for our stomachs to settle before we can go to sleep.

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