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Buenos Aires, 8th June

June 8, 2014

The posts and photos won’t be as regular once we head off in the van, hopefully next week. We take the ferry to Montevideo tomorrow.

Mention was made of the taxis in an earlier post and how the fares are reasonable etc. There has been a couple of experiences where they have further enhanced our opinion of them. The other day we walked down to the Buquebus offices to obtain our ferry tickets for tomorrow. It was a good 5km walk so  decided taking a taxi back. Unfortunately we caught it on the wrong side of a busy road meaning the driver had to go a fair distance in the wrong direction before he could turn around. The meter showed 21 pesos ($3) by the time the taxi was once again opposite Buquebus but heading the right way. He didn’t speak English and our Spanish is still very amateurish. When he reached our destination he refused to take the 50 peso note, the fare was 47 or thereabouts. He kept repeating something we couldn’t understand. Thinking he was saying there was something wrong with the money I became a little annoyed. I insisted he take it which he finally did. Afterwards we thought about it and realized he must have been refusing the fare as, through no fault of his own, it was more than it should have been. Yesterday we caught a taxi to Museo Evita, a long way, the meter showed 85 pesos, about $12. The driver could speak English and we had talked all the way. When we went to pay he said ‘No, that meter is not fair, give me 55’ I mentioned what had happened in the previous incident and he agreed that would have been what the bloke was trying to say. That wouldn’t have happened in many cities. The taxi industry is very regulated here, I am certain the meters would have been showing the correct fare to charge.

We caught the Subte, or Metro, back from the museum. The photo below gives you an idea how bright and clean it was. There was an old accordian busker sitting on a stool in the carriage we entered. His playing was mournfully beautiful. When he stopped to leave, the carriage burst into applause with many, including ourselves, putting cash into the bag he carried.This city loves its music and artists.

  1. John Slater permalink

    Hi Garry & Joan,
    The notes about BA bring back memories of our trip in 2005, particularly Eva Peron’s mausoleum.

    Following your blog with much interest as always.

    John & Angela

  2. Bet you never had what happened to us today? Will write in the next post.

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