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Montevideo, Uruguay, 12 th June.

June 12, 2014

This is the 2nd go at putting a post on. It had been written then suddenly disappeared.

The ferry and bus trip from BA to Montevideo was uneventful with the land part passing through rolling pastured country. The Grande Nigeria arrived on schedule on the 10th with us being able to take delivery today. However a full day spent going to different offices saw us heading to the pickup at aboutt 4pm to find a power cut in the docks meant they couldn’t finalize the release. Still, the Brazil-Croatia game was about to start and a couple we had met, Joe and Noriko, were waiting outside our apartment to watch it with us. Joe is English and a football fanatic, Noriko is Japanese and not nearly so comittted.

Each Sunday, in BA, a market is held in the Dorrego Square area which spills over along Ave Defensa for a kilometre or so towards the city cenre. The art and craft work is of a very high standard and the crowds stiflingly large. At one stage Joan went to take her iphone out of her bag only to find it had gone. Along with her prescription sun glasses. It was very professionally done and really  upsetting. A police station was nearby where we went to report it for insurance purposes. It was not a surprise to find three other groups already there who reported similar experiences. Actually our experience were minor compared to what the others had experienced. A Chinese couple had  lost a bag with passports, credit cards and money taken. A local woman lost her car and house keys as well as important papers and money. A French couple lost all of their credit cards. The police were excellent and very helpful. It’s the first time we’ve had an experience such as this, annoying but we can’t let this type of expeerience ruin the rest of the trip

  1. Denis Brennan permalink

    Pivk up the wagon to-morrow…Yippee.. First goal of the world Cup is an “own goal” by Brazil…Hope this is not an indicator …Love D & S

    • Yes, we are getting tired of cities, give us gaucho country anyday. Happy birthday Sandy.

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