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Importing a Vehicle into Montevideo. Mainly for Overlanders. 13th June 2014

June 13, 2014

The points made below are what happened to us over the last couple of days. It might make it easier if you are in the process of importing your vehicle.
One essential form you can get before the vehicle arrives is the Certificado de Ingreso Al Pais Expedio por Migracion at the migration office at Misiones 1513. Only necessary for the person who’s name the vehicle is in.
Agents for Grimaldi Lines are KMA Uruguay at Rincon 602 10th floor. I went there earlier and received a quote of US$350 as their fee. A German group and English family had to pay $580 each. I stuck to my guns and got it at the lower price. While there make sure you get your deposit receipt and STOCK Number. You will need it later.
They will send you to a sub agent on Ave Colon 1513 3rd floor (not sure street number but KMA will tell you)
Next head to the Customs (Aduana) down Colon to the left, big building opposite. Make sure you have copies of your passport front page, drivers licence and registration
Go into Aduana, turn right then left, up steps and into office on right before office 004. It might have a number on it now. Light green, glass barriers. Ask for Miguel, speaks fairly good English. He will give you more forms.
If you have everything correct you go back outside across the street to the right 200 metres to a columned port authority building. Uruguay don’t have a special tariff for TIPs so value your vehicle as low as you think they will accept. Office to head for is the far one on the right. Vehicle valued at US$8000 pay $379, $4000 value is $220. Try a $2000 valuation
Now go into the port area by way of the entrance to the right of Aduana building and head for the Buquebus terminal straight ahead. Go into the terminal then head to the Aduana door on the right in the corner near the kiosk. Ring bell and wait. They will take you to an office where some number is written on one of the forms.
At this point I would recommend finding a taxi as our vehicle was about 5kms away and you need to stop on the way to get a further form ‘Orden de Trabajo’ at another ANP building, on left, creamy colour, 3 storey just before Florida Gate. Take this over to Florida Gate and get it stamped at the yellow container office near the weigh bridge.
If you still have your taxi, which I hope you have, then head further east to the ATM area where your vehicle should be. Report to a further yellow container shed.
With your vehicle drive back to the Buquebus Aduana who will write out you TIP and give your vehicle a perfunctory inspection. Then you are finished.
You should be able to do it in a day if all goes well. It took us two days as we had to walk a bloody long way and were led astray a few times

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  1. Denis Brennan permalink

    Now the journey begins. The eyes of Bellingen are upon you ..DEnis & Sandy

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