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Aregua Playa Municipal 8th July

July 9, 2014

Aregua Playa Municipal 8th July.

Travelling the way we do can be frustrating at times: we left Asuncion after a brief visit to take in some of the sites and check our emails at McDonalds. The Lonely Planet showed a camp site some 50kms out of town situated on a pleasant but polluted lake. They gave the place a good writeup. Getting out of Asuncion was frustratingly slow, I think the Garmin put us on a bum route, but finally reached the place to find it closed and no one around to persuade to let us stay just the one night. We had the coordinates off a blog of another place some 27kms back the way we had come, so backtracked to this municipal park on the other side of the lake. It is very nice here but annoyed of the wasted time in driving that extra distance. It’s time to find a good place to have a break for two or three days, both of us are quite tired, unfortunately places like that are hard to find in Paraguay

Asuncion is a city of 2.3 million but has a distinctly small town feel about it. The streets are full of stalls selling crafts and souvenirs, they stall owners were not pushy but appreciated a sale when it happened. The pavements needed your full attention in case you broke an ankle. The historical sights are all in the old sector of the city, we visited Francesco’s Lopez’s Masouleum with military guard outside, and the old railway station that houses a museum including the first train to run in South America.  Finally a drive past of government house and the President’s palace, where the traffic was so congested we were able to have a good look. 

Now halfway through our journey, we sat down the other day to nut out how it was going and whether we were getting full value out of what we were doing. Both of us think it’s the lack of communication with the people that is taking the shine off the trip a little. It has always been the repartee with the local people and also other overlanders that make travelling like this way so rewarding, West Africa was the best example of that. Here very few people speak English and overlanders seem to have hibernated for the winter. It means putting more effort into learning Spanish before returning.

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