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Encarnacion 13.7.2014

July 13, 2014

All going well we will be crossing the Piranah River into Argentina tomorrow. We expect to see sorrowful faces once over the bridge. Seemed not a very exciting game but we are not experts. There is a big German presence in this area hence the tooting horns and fireworks outside.

Sad to leave. Paraguay. With the help of the excellent travel book ‘At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig’ by John Gimlette our time here has been a real experience and expect it ending up one of our favourite South American countries. I can’t imagine coming back but we will always have good memories.  The only downer was the lack of suitable camping places although camping seems to not have a big folowing.

Yesterday we visited two of the Jesuit settlements in the area. They came to South America in the early 1600s and had such a following with the local people, the Guayrani, the king of Spain became concerned of their influence and had them expelled in 1767. The remains of the settlements are very impressive especially as they siit on a large tract of cleared land. Once the entrance fee has been paid it is a long walk over grass with the immense ruined church and surrounding buildings slowly filling up the horizon. We were the only visitors, with the silence, it was easy to imagine the activity that would have happened all those years ago.

Encarnacion is a very pretty city made more so by the promenade that has been built on the banks of the river. In the evenings families take in the air while younger people get on these pedal biike things and have a great time tearing around. A short diistance from the shore there is a netted off area that I guess is to make swimming safe. I don’t know how far the piranah fish come downstream from where we saw them in the Pantanel but personally, I would think twice before plunging in.


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