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Encarnacion, Paraguay 12/7/14

July 13, 2014

Yuty Truck Stop 10th July.

Getting wifi here in Paraguay is a bit of a hit and miss experience. The sports camping complex where we stayed last night surprised us by having a strong signal. Just makes it easy to keep in touch with the outer world although lack of Australian political argie bargie is a pleasant relief.

Our route is slowly taking us down to the south east corner of the country from where it’s just a bridge into Argentina. That corner though, contains a couple of interesting national parks as well as the remains of some Jesuit settlements. Enough of interest for us to spend a few days in the vicinity before crossing over.

 The Garmin once again steered us in the wrong direction today, putting us onto 180 kms of partially formed road. A Paraguayan pointed this out to us, the first person we have met who could speak good English, he was in NZ for a while learning the language. We perservered on the road and it wasn’t too bad, just slow going. He commented on how much rain they have had and that his trip to the Chaco was postponed because of flooding. It seems to have happened after our departure. 

Although in South America during the world cup, neither of us have seen a full game. Caught glimpses of the German blitzkreig of Brazil and last night, with wifi, we sat glued to the live printout of the penalty shootout. Not as exciting as watching and reminds one of the old telex messages coming off the teleprinter. Pleased a Sth American and southern hemisphere team reached the final. Will be hard to beat Germany though.

The Garmin was pretty good on the dirt roads today although let us down negotiating the small towns we passed through and tended to put us on muddy dirt or grass tracks. At one such town we were uncertain of the route so asked an elderly gentleman walking along the road. The town we wanted to go to was called Yuty so we said to him ‘Este es el camino y YUty?’ putting the emphasis on the 2nd syllable,  he looked puzzled, I repeated the question with no resulting difference in his bafflement. I tried the next town ‘Este es el camino y General Artigas? The furrowed brow showed his lack of understanding. We showed him the map on which Yuty was shown in very small letters. His face was millimetres from the map which had us ready to commiserate in his lack of sight, then “Ohh!! YutY!! Si este es el camino” The emphasis makes all the difference. We shook hands, thanked him, and were on our way.

Parque Manatiel,  Near Encanarcion 11th July

What a relief to finally hit on a camp site that has full facilities including the best hot showers we have experienced since on the road. Nine days without a shower beats even the record we set in West Africa, it’s one advantage of me not being able to smell. 

Encarnacion is on the northern side of the Piranha River, Pousados in Argentina lies a bridge away to the south. The river is the same we saw people fishing for piranha in the Pantanel but here it is massive and very muddy. Up there it was clear and 20 metres wide. All going well we will cross over on Monday. Have booked into a hotel in Encarnacion to watch the footy final and celebrate Joan’s birthday. It’s all happening on the 13th.


  1. permalink

    Happy Birthday Joan, we hope you have a great day, and a nice long hot shower. Love Sandy and Denis

    Sent from Sandy & Denis’s iPad

  2. Denis permalink

    Hope you got Sandy’s bast wishes for your birthday, but just in case..happy birthday. Still following youn as best as Atlas allows..Denis

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