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Buenos Aires, 21st July

July 22, 2014

The bakkie is snugly wrapped up for 6 months looking pitifully small alongside the behemoths parked around it. Rolf of Granja Hotel Swiss at Nueva Helvecia makes a nice little income letting overlanders store their vehicles when they need to go home for a while. The vans are mainly truck conversions and most are from Germany. It took us a couple of days to sort things out and pack up. Yesterday afternoon we took the bus to Colonia de Sacramento, a beautiful historical town built on a section of Uruguay that juts out into the Rio Plata. In days gone by it was a hub for smugglers bringing things in from Argentina. There are many ruins and remains of the old town as well as a good number of houses painted in the most exquisite colours.

This morning. in pouring rain, we caught the ferry across to BA from where we catch a KLM flight to Santiago tomorrow then on to Sydney with Qantas. We haven’t heard of world news for a week or so and were horrified when hearing of the Malaysian flight. Terrible news.

So our shakedown trip has come to an end, 7000 kms in 6 weeks is a lot and the first week or so we covered distances that exhausted us.  Especially in Brazil with so many trucks to contend with. But once reaching the Pantanel we were able to slow down and appreciate our situation and enjoy what we were doing. As mentioned earlier, language has been a problem that we will have to improve before returning next year.

Highlights: for Joan it was Nueva Londres and meeting the Smiths and the night of tango, also Iguazu Falls. For me it was the Pantanel and the time spent in the Chaco. Both these areas would have been much better a couple of months later when the water had receded leaving just water holes for the animals and birds to congregate near.

WordPress, the crowd I do the blog through, has made changes that make written posts easier but have caused major frustrations trying to get photos on it. Practice will help when there is more time no doubt.

We hope people have enjoyed reading what we have done. Next year we will come back late Jan then head south to Patagonia and the lake district beefore heading north through Chile. The scenery is meant to be out of this world. We are looking forward to it.

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  1. Denis brennan permalink

    looking forward to your homecaoming and catching up before we go. Denis and Sandy

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