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On The Road Again. Heading South To Tierra del Fuego

January 20, 2015

Bellingen, NSW 19.1.2015.

It’s less than three weeks now before flying back to South America to continue the journey. The plan is to fly to Buenos Aires staying for a couple of nights mainly to get over jet lag and organize the third party insurance for the bakkie. Then it’s a ferry across the River Plate to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay for another two night stay. The camper is parked about 80kms from Colonia at Nueva Helvecia, a short bus trip away.

The idea is to head south once we have the bakkie. The first bridge across the Rio Plata is at Fray Bentos, some 500 kms out of our way, it will be a time saver to get it onto the ferry back to BA even if it means driving through that city.

Ushuaia, the world’s most southern town, is over 3,000kms from BA. It’s where we will head although, with over three months up our sleeve, our progress will not be too rushed. The Argentinian east coast has many areas of interest none more so than the Valdez Penninsula, a proboscis of land extending into the Atlantic Ocean near the town of Puerto Madryn. Although the southern right whales will have calved and headed south by the time we get there, there will still be thousands of sea lions, elephants seals, Magellanic penguins as well as millions of other birds on the penninsula. It is a nature lovers paradise.

Puerto Madryn and the nearby town of Trelew is worth a visit being the area where Welsh immigrants settled in the 1860s.

Then it’s on to Puerto Deseado, Rio Gallegos, Rio Grande and finally Ushuaia arriving late Feb/early March. Agents for Antarctic Penninsula cruises are often looking in the town for people to fill last minute berths, it would be nice picking up a couple of places to visit the frozen continent.

From Ushuaia there is only way to head, and that’s north. From there we will head up to the Lake District some two thousand kms north west and takes in both Chilean and Argentinian sides of the Andes. It is reputed to be one of the most beautiful area of South America: a place of glaciers, snow capped mountains, rivers filled with trout and tranquil lakes. A nice place to spend a few weeks as long as the weather favours us.

Another interesting area is the island of Chloe. a place of mist, mystery and magic. The western side of the island faces the onslaught of the Pacific Ocean while mist regularly covers much of the forested island. Wooden churches and cemeteries are meant to be some of the ‘must sees’.

From there the route will be northwards to Santiago. It would be great if it was possible to store the bakkie near Santiago but the Chilean authorities only allow a Temporary Import Permit for three months, therefore entailing a trip back across the Andes to the Mendoza area where we need to find a place to store it.

We fly back to Australia mid May.

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