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A Day at the Beach with the Locals

February 19, 2015

Punta Mejillon 16.2.15

A short drive today. We were heading to a place called Bahia Creek where a large estuary often houses hundreds of flamingoes and orcas are often seen on the coast nearby. Well we did see a couple of flamingoes the orcas were taking the day off and the lack of shade caused us to move on. Driving along we noticed something scurryng around on the road ahead of us, it wasn’t until we were almost past did we realiize it was an armadillo. Smaller than I had expected, about the size of a cat. By the time we had reversed it was gone. I read there are four types, two are found in Patagonia.

Punta Mejillon is the end of Route Provinciale 1. An attractive beach with a large stretch of hardened sand leading down to the warm surf. Surprisingly warm in fact. It is Sunday and the place is alive with families enjoying the day from nearby San Antonio Oeste. Families are a big thing here as they are in many latin countries. In BA a young waiter serving us in a restaurant said how he missed his mother who live in the west of the country, and Humberto, the forty year old  Brazilian we met on the ferry, said he could never emigrate as he would miss his family too much.

The cliffs along this coastline are home to over 40,000 burrowing parrots. Also a type of large swallow seems to take advantage of the soft rock to make their homes.

It has been a relaxing day for us. We arrived early when the beach was busy, now, at 9.30 the last of the locals have headed home, the surf came to within metres of the bakkie but is now receding. We shall enjoy a quiet night.

Next Morning.      Not usually anamoured with sunsets but the one last night was one out of the bag and when this loving  couple came along to sit on the rocks and watch it it was too hard not to get carried away. And so close to Valentines Day. Punta Mejillon was one of those places where it is possible to watch the sunset rise and set over the sea. This morning I caught the rising sun colours on the cliffs behind the bakkie.

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