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All Going Smoothly

February 19, 2015

Las Flores.  12.2.15

The town may not live up to its name but the lake on  its edge is a perfect place to spend the first night on the road.  Teaming with birdlife and now quiet apart from the ocassional train whistle. It wasn’t our intention to travel a great distance after crossing to Buenos Aires by ferry although that went very smoothly, as did the day before when we caught the bus from Colonia in Uruguay to the Granj Hotel Suiza where the bakkie was taking a break. After reconnecting the batteries the engine kicked into life the first try, the fridge was off to a flying start, the water pump, the bane of our life, didn’t have to be primed and we were on the road within 40 minutes. It was good getting it moving again, we are going to miss it when it’s finally sold.

Colonia de Santiago, where we spent two nights after BA, is such a pleasant town with its history of smuggling and piracy. The old town is well preserved made more interesting by all the old cars parked in the streets. Some still in working order, some like the Hillman Minx with rust covering the major part of the body. But the most interesting are the citroens parked outside ‘El Drugstore’ restaurant with trees growing through their roofs. The muddy Rio Plata that separates Colonia from BA is of a width at this point that the curvature of the earth hides the opposite city. The slow ferry takes three hours to cross, el Rapido does it in an hour. No, there is now no sign of the ‘Graf Spee’. That slid below the waves many tides ago.

Unfortunately the ferry terminal is right slap bang in the middle of Buenos Aires meaning I had to face heavy  traffic, mainly speeding cammiones, before reaching the sanity of the autopista. There was a couple of harrowing incidents with the semis but we managed. Those events were caused by the Garmin giving incorrect instructions.

On the ferrry we were fortunate to meet Humberto, a motor cyclist from Sao Paulo who was coming to BA to get work done on his bike. Well travelled in South America, he was able to give us invaluable pointers on routes etc. Especially in southern Chile where, he thinks, for us to expect the most beautiful scenery.

Next Morning.    We were sleeping peacefully last night until somone started knocking on the door at 12 o’clock and repeatedly calling something out in Spanish. Took a while to gather our thoughts and stagger to the door. It was the bloke operating the campsite. No one was around when we arrived and having been told it was a free site we moved around the lake and set up. No, he couldn’t wait for the morning, I had to fill the form out standing in the bakkie doorway, cool wind blowing with liitle on. It spoilt the night a little.

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