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Yacht Encantada. Galapagos

November 21, 2015

Yacht Encantada 16.11.15
Time has slipped away the last week or so. So much has happened and the best laid plans, as often happen have not gone well.
At Swiss Wazzi, organizing leaving the bakkie hit a hurdle when Melba, last tuesday discovered that the Aduana could not process our application. When we entered Peru the aduana’s computer was down and he didn’t enter our detail into it when back on line. A hurried trip back the 77kms to the border and it was worked out that the best thing to do was to enter Ecuador, get the vehicle papers stamped into then out of the country then go back to Peru were they could do the processing as we had entered the country at that point. It was frustrating and took another 6 hours of Melba and Jacque’s time. The next morning meant another trip to the border where we signed the suspension papers meaning our import permit was suspended until we came back next year. We left for Guayaquil the next day on the bus.
Annie came on the scene at Swiss Wazzi a few days before e left. Fiftyfive, home base Miami she had just experienced someone helping themselves to over $700 from the strongbox at a nearby hostel. Thin to the point of gauntness she was loud but lovable. She travels by bike and has cycled in I think all continents. A fitness freak she has made travel her way of life. Goes back to Florida where she finds work on millionaire’s yachts, saves like mad then hits the road again. At the moment she has a saddle as part of her gear which she sends by bus to her next destination then hires or rents a horse for a few weeks. She was quite a character and very happy with her lot.
The bakkie fitted into the lockup area comfortably. Safe and protected from the salty winds we felt comfortable things would be good until we return later next year.
Guayaquil is a big city of about 2.4 million. The crowd we booked the Galapagos cruise had a hostel and offered one free night because of our booking. A nice place close to one of the large malls. Ecuador is an affluent country due to its oil reserves. Diesel is 25cAU a litre. Looking forward to when we come back.
We booked onto the Yacht Encantada for a 6 day cruise. Last minute choices were limited and the Encantada seemed to go to the islands that were better for birding. It is one of the smaller boats, only 71feet long and the oldest in the Galapagos fleet. It takes only ten passengers, on our cruise there are three young couples from Sweden, Switzerland and Australia and a middle aged couple, Rob and Tanya from Bristol UK.
Joan was very apprehensive when she saw the boat but it seems to be working out well.

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