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Zorritos, Peru. 5.5.16

May 7, 2016

It’s 6 months to the day since we left the bakkie here It was good to see it again, covered in dust but sitting snugly in the garage under Jacques and Melba’s new house. A pressure cleaning job by Jacques spruced it up no end. Even being under cover for that time salt air has had a detrimental effect on the body here and there. That will involve some cutting and repainting.
Lifting the suspension on the temporary import permit was a simple compared to the hassle we had having it put in place:an 60 minute drive to the Aduana on the border, sitting in a couple of offices for an hour or so while Melba cast her magic and wallah! Hand shakes all round and we were off back to Zorritos.
Tomorrow we head back to the border and into Ecuador. Tonight we sat watching the sun sink slowly over the horizon sipping on our Pisco sours. The Peruvian hairless dog, Ahso, keeping us company sitting statuesque-like gazing at the horizon. He is not as exuberant as he was on our last visit.
So it has been a long trip getting to the bakkie and we are looking forward to our brief foray through Ecuador and Colombia. The only deadline we have is to be at Lago Agrio by the 12th May where 5 days have been booked in an Amazon Basin lodge.

Cuenca. Ecuador 6.5.16.
Quite a comparison: from the blistering heat of Zorritos watching pelicans glide to the 2700 metre heights of Cuenca where the greenness of the countryside would make any citizen of the Emerald Isle greener with envy. Crossing the border was a breeze, all over in less than an hour. In fact I did the vehicle papers part of it while Joan made the coffee in the Aduana car park. The road then headed inland and began to climb and quickly deteriorated into 100kms of pot holes. Very unexpected as the roads on the coast were four lane and this was a major route into the capital from the coast. Ecuador is an oil rich country with a very high standard of living.
The locals say Cuenca is the most beautiful city in the country, the guide books say it’s the second. The Spanish architecture is meant to be magnificent. We shall see tomorrow.
I sometimes wonder why some of these beautiful hostels like the ones we are spending a couple of nights Hosteria Caballo Campana lets Overlanders stay in their sometimes dungy vehicles and spread themselves with all sorts of stuff lying around the van. A sort of lowering the standard I would have thought. But we are very appreciative that they do and try and keep our mess as tidy as possible. This place has the most beautiful grounds, a restaurant, sports fields, a stable and equestrian centre and still they let us stay for US$15 a night. Even opening a room for us to use the shower. Bless their little souls,

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