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Khartoum 2.2.17

February 4, 2017

The Russian Embassy is right next door to Emma’s apartment. Razor wire and high walls surround it. Around the corner is the Syrian Embassy with its queue of youn blokes outside clutching the necessary papers. Not sure why they would want to go back to that country. In fact there are quite a few embassies in this area but not the US one which is stands some 15kms out of town for security reasons.
Our routine is slowly sorting itself out: I take Emma to work of a morning, the traffic can be chaotic of a morning but not as bad as some places. That gives us the use of her car for the day. There is a tree-shaded cafe called ‘Ozone’ a short distance away that makes very nice coffees and pastries. After a break there we head off for the day. The other day was a drive to Jebel Aurelia, a hill overlooking a low but long dam holding the waters of the White Nile back.Built in the 30s for irrigation and flood control the water held back stretches to the horizon.There is a one way crossing on the dam wall, our GPS firstly put us below the dam wall in amongst the stalls and rubbish but managed to extricate ourselves without running over too many chooks.
Another day we thought a look at the result of Clinton’s tomahawk raid on what he thought was an al Qaeda munitions factory was worh a visit. It is in the industrial area. Unfortunately the bombed ruins were removed a couple of years back and a new structure beiing built. I spoke to the engineer of the new project. He was impressed a couple from Australia were interested in such a happening but then it was world news in 1998 and the catalyst for the Sudanese government to realize it might not be a good thing harbouring bin Laden and his cohorts.
Emma is at the moment giving a presentation to some visiting delegation in the Corinthia a hotel on the banks of the Blue Nile. The building is know locallly as Gaddafi’s Egg or Gadaffi’s Grenade due to its shape. I like the latter name. Quite incongruous an American delegation being hosted in a Gadaffi building.
Still having stomach problems, Joan being the latest to go down again. It really knocks you around.

  1. Ross Smith permalink

    Gary & Joan, all just as interesting as ever. ProbBly just as hot and dry here as over there.

    Give that little granddaughter a hug from us.

    Cathy & Ross

  2. Hi There,
    Thanks for the comments. I believe you are still sweltering up there. Cooler now thank goodness. Take care

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