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USA 2019

August 31, 2019

29th August. Dallas

There is an ‘X’ on the asphalt below and to the right of the southern side of the Texas Book Depository which marks where the fatal shot hit President Kennedy. If Lee Harvey Oswald was right handed, the angle required for him to fire those three shots was very acute. He must’ve have been a good shot to hit a moving target travelling away at such an angle. He did have a scope though.

The Sixth Floor Museum is now the most visited attraction in Dallas. Not a pleasant fact that the most popular site is where a President was assassinated. But it is a very interesting display especially when it shows how unpopular Kennedy was in the city especially with his civil rights stand. Prominent citizens had taken out a full page advertisement listing their grievances before he arrived and the local democratic party was split between the progressives and the conservatives in the party. His visit was to heal those wounds and as a fundraiser for his pre election. He never did make the fundraiser dinner where he was heading when shot.

Something that I didn’t realize was Oswald had been employed at the Book Depository a few months earlier and was questioned by the police when leaving the building. But when told he was an employee he was allowed to leave. The death of Officer Tippet by Oswald would have been prevented if he had been apprehended at that point..

Our hotel is a couple of blocks from the museum. The interesting old red courthouse with its cones and bell tower, at the moment all swathed in scaffolding, is to the right with the Book Depository a further block away.

The Perot Museum of Natural Science was also an interesting destination. Most remember Ross Perot when standing as an independent for president some elections ago. He made his money in oil and one of the four levels of the museum is dedicated to oil and gas. But the remaining floors were all very interesting especially for kids. The exhibit that stood out for me, and more so when Ron, the volunteer, explained it to me, was these three full length images of a woman’s body. But they weren’t images at all. It appears this German woman in her 50s was dying and wanted to donate her body to science. But not just bits here and there. So when she died they stored her in formaldehyde for two months then froze her for a similar time. Then they sliced her body with a bandsaw head to foot just like they do salami in the IGA. Not sure of the thickness of each slice would but I would say about 10mm. As you can see with the photo you can see through her quite easily. Then she was enclosed in glass for the world to see. At one time a doctor told Ron that it was possible to see what she died of. Lung cancer. She was an athlete who smoked heavily. Bit creepish but very interesting


30th August. Koa West Omaha Campsite.


We stayed at this camp site 14 months ago when we packed up ready to head home. It was an ideal place to head to to sort out the van after being stored all that time. Things were musty, had to be washed. Opening a cupboard Joan was confronted by slivers of glass falling out. Four tonic water glass bottles had frozen then expanded in the cold winter they experienced here. The same with a bottle of nice Napa wine given to us on our last trip. The cork had blown and the wine ruined.


Been some very helpful people here. Kevin, where we left the bakkie, and Chad, the bloke who serviced the vehicle while we were home. The bakkie started well when we drove off and also when we exited Walmart. But this morning, already to start our drive east, all it could manage was a wheezy idle. Checked for air and water in the lines but all well. To make it worse, Monday is a holiday so nothing can be done until the Tuesday. That’s when we are booked to be in Chicago, some 8 hour drive from here.





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